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#Silverloyhk #新賣點 #旺角T.O.P #打卡位 Our product has already hit the store shelves at MongKok


Silverloy全線產品於8月1號起於旺角TOP泊檔有售。最新最潮打卡位,影靚相同時記得多多支持我地產品呀! 地點:香港九龍旺角彌敦道700號2F G16舖 (旺角地鐵站B出口)

Silverloy's products are available at the Mong Kok T.O.P mall since 1st of August 2019 .

It is also a very cool place for instagram check-in. So don't miss out and bring your friends to support us today!

Address: 2F G16, 700 Nathan Road, Kowloon Mong Kok, Hong Kong (Mong Kok Mtr Station B exit)

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