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祝賀我司獲德國IENA國際貿易展覽會金獎!Congratulation Silverloy Acquired German IENA Gold Award


Silverloy’s CEO and inventor Raymond Chin participated the Germany IENA in October 2015, and acquired gold award. There are 23 countries representatives also participated in the competition, including the U.S.A, Japan and Germany. 舒華樂有限公司董事長、物理銀微子專利技術發明人錢遠強(Raymond Chin)于2015年10份參加德國IENA國際貿易展覽會,并憑借舒華樂有限公司獨家專利技術—物理銀微子抑菌技術一舉奪得金獎! 參加本次展覽的國家多達23個,包含了美國、日本、德國等發明大國

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