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Silverloy團隊探訪東莞瓦坑 留守兒童 社區Silverloy Team Visit Children in Dongguan Pit




Silverloy團隊及Silverloy愛心大使(盈盈)探訪東莞瓦坑 留守兒童 希望給他們知道愛 無處不在。關懷不在我們身旁但同是我們鄰舍的人,把從上帝白白得來的愛和恩典,分享給當地的流動兒童和家人。

It is estimated that over 60 million children are staying in some villages alone as their parents are moved to the city for work, they need to face long term separation with their parents. Their parents are working so hard to work outside in order to earn enough money and raise the children who are living in the village. As the children are separated with their parents, they are under neglection and love which could affect them psychologically and mentally. In this regard, Silverloy team and our ambassador Ying Ying visited the children in Dongguan Pit. We hope they feel our love and know that many people care about them.

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