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Silverloy團隊 熱心公益 探訪了廣東中山市殘疾人聯合會Sliverloy Visited Guang Dong Zhongshan City Disabled Association


Silverloy熱心公益 常與社區團體和熱心的獨立人士合作,發起慈善運動幫助有需要的人。

2018年8月8號 在團隊帶領下探訪了廣東中山市殘疾人聯合會。隨行運送本品牌衛生巾捐贈,希望為中山殘聯出一分力。Silverloy 團隊親切詢問會友近況 滿滿的愛心令人無比感動。我們將繼續做善事,讓愛心傳遞下去,延綿不斷。

Silverloy is passionate in charity works and servicing different communities in order to help people who are in need. In the 8thAugust 2018, our team visited Guang Dong Zhongshan City Disabled Association. We delivered our Silverloy Sanitary Pads to them so as to support the disabled. During the visit, our team also show love and care to the association member and give them energy. We will carry on our charity work and continue to maintain the love spirit.

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