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Joyful Babe助產士分享會|Participated in the accoucheur/midwife sharing session


感謝Joyful babe邀請參加助產士分享會,我們堅信新一代物理抗菌能安全守護媽媽同BB。我們一起為每位準媽媽加油! 你們是最棒的!

助產士分享會 https://www.joyfulbabe.org

她們的團隊有專業的助產士,兒科護士,母乳顧問,中醫師,物理治療師,香薰治療師以及經驗豐富陪月員等,每位成員都有多年照顧孕婦及初生嬰兒的經驗,她們希望提供產前產後,生產過程, 母乳,育兒,坐月食療等資訊, 務求令每位孕媽媽都能夠開心愉快地享受懷孕旅程,順順利利地分娩,輕輕鬆鬆地坐月!

Thanks to Joyful babe for inviting us to participate in the accoucheur/midwife sharing session, we firmly believe that the new generation of physical antibacterial can protect the mother and baby. Let's cheer for every mother-to-be! You ladies are the best! Accoucheur/Midwife Sharing Session https://www.joyfulbabe.org Their team has professional midwives, pediatric nurses, breastfeeding consultants, Chinese medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, aromatherapy therapists and experienced escorts. Each member has many years of experience in caring for pregnant women and newborn babies. Prepartum and postpartum, production process, breast milk, child-rearing, lunar treatment, etc., so that every pregnant mother can enjoy the pregnancy journey happily, smoothly and easily!​

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