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Silverloy 全線產品係 【HKTVmall】上架喇 Our product is now launched on HKTVmall

Silverloy全線產品於10月1號起已經係HKTVmall網站上有售啦。香港電視網絡有限公司,是香港一間經營網路購物的公司。 HKTVmall 與超過2800 間商戶合作,售賣超過320000 件貨品:超市、藥妝、母嬰育兒、寵物、電子電器、家品傢俬、運動旅行、玩具圖書、服飾、保險及飲食優惠等等。最適合繁忙沒時間出門購物的香港人,只要在APP上選購就可以買到日用品,使用起來既簡單又方便,一直深受大眾市民歡迎。

Silverloy's products are available on HKTVmall online shop. Hong Kong Television Network Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that operates online shopping. HKTVmall has partnered with more than 2,800 merchants to sell more than 320,000 items: supermarkets, cosmetically, maternal and child rearing, pets, electronics, home furnishings, sports travel, toy books, apparel, insurance and food and beverage offers. It is prefect for Hong Kong people who have no time to go shopping, they can buy anythings by using the APP or website, It is simple and convenient to use. Its really popular program in Hong Kong these days.

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